Our Services

BARC Mobiles offers plenty of services that ensure that client’s needs are met. These include:

Information privacy

BARC Mobiles collects information with the intention of knowing its customers and also to be able to serve its customers in the best way possible. The information is collected when customers fill the application form. This information is kept private and under no circumstance shared to ensure that a client’s privacy needs are met. We value the security of our clients thus take no part in practices that might jeopardize their security.

Quality customer service

BARC Mobiles offers quality services to its clients. We take our clients requests and inquiries seriously. Any form of communication from clients receives fast response from our team of staff. This has ensured fast delivery of services. We also strive to ensure that our customers are served to the best of our abilities so that they can come out smiling after receiving our services. Our trained staff are in a position to give quality services due to the quality training received. 

Quality products

Our company has been the source of quality products for all clients. We want you to land on the best handsets as well as contracts. Whether it is a mobile phone contract or a SIM only contract, you can be sure that you will get products of high quality at a reasonable price. The products come with a warranty to guarantee their effectiveness and the fact that they are long lasting.

Flexible repayments

We help our clients to get no credit services through superior network operators while paying flexible monthly installments. Our operations are superior to the services offered by competitor companies like Go Mobile Network. With low interest rates, our clients end up paying reasonable sums for the gadget acquired. In addition, the product prices are low thus enabling individuals to access a phone of choice at a much lower price than that offered in the market.