I use PAYG, is it possible to switch to mobile phone contract?

Yes. You can easily move to mobile phone contract and enjoy the benefits that it has to offer clients. You will find contracts cheaper and easy to access. You do not have to go for a mobile phone contract but can choose to limit your application to SIM only contract if you want to keep your phone.

Am I guaranteed a mobile phone contract with BARC Mobiles?

Our issuance rate is much higher than with other companies. As long as clients meet our eligibility criteria and pass the success signs we are looking for, they have a higher chance to get an approved application. We offer our services even to individuals that have a record of a bad credit rating. It is in rare circumstances that we turn down application and this is usually because the applicant was not able to meet the requirements listed. 

Why should I apply through BARC Mobiles?

You want to make an application through a reputable company that has been able to offer quality services over the years. We are reliable and our approval rates are the highest. You sure do not want to make an application where you are not sure if your application will be declined while you would have used a reputable company to apply.

What if I want a newly released smart phone?

Well, as long as you have a good credit rating, you can have a newly released smart phone. We do not offer newly released phones to individuals with a bad credit history. This is because they are usually high priced and would need high repayment installment. Understanding that those with bad credit rating had problems with their previous loans makes BARC Mobiles shy from offering the newly released phones to such individuals.

How do I know if I will get a good signal?

We cover just about 97% or the UK region. This means that you will be able to access signal wherever you are. You will also have access to 3G network in many places in the UK. You will rarely come to a place where you cannot receive our signal.

Does the fact that I have been refused before affect my application?

No. If other companies rejected your application before, that does not play a part in the decisions we make. We base our decision on the information you provide during application. We also do not want to dig deeper into your past but want to dwell on the present to identify if you can manage to pay the installments.

How do I apply?

The application process is simple. You can make an online application through our homepage. Filling an application form will only take a minute or two.

How fast can I get the product?

After submission, the application is reviewed and approved. Delivery of the product is made in the next day. This means no delays or long waiting after making an application.

Can I get to keep my number?

Yes, you get to keep your number. We will ask for your PAC code from your previous network provider so that we can port your number to the new network. With that, you continue to use your usual number even over the new network.