Bad Credit Mobiles

BARC Mobiles have high acceptance to bad credit applicants who have been turned away by other companies. We understand that coming to us for services is not just because you want something but because you have a need for the phone. All you have to do is make a selection from the phones we have on offer and begin the application process. If your application is turned down, the reason is that your details do not show your ability to repay the installments required on a monthly basis. In such a case, you can opt to take a lower cost phone from Mobile Phones to get contract mobile phone services.

Why could your application be turned down?

There are numerous reasons as to why an application can be turned down, and we want to help you learn morelearn more about the entire process to ensure getting bad credit mobile phones is successful. Insight in this information will help you discern the right time to make an application for mobile contract phones from BARC Mobiles.

  • Inaccurate information: When making an application, you are required to provide detailed information regarding yourself. This includes names, address, age, financial status, and many others. Giving information that is not accurate means you are unreliable and are not willing to speak the truth. When realized, your application will automatically be declined and viewed as an attempt to defraud the company.
  • You do not meet the eligibility criteria stated. Each company has stated requirements that all applicants should meet. In case an applicant fails to meet one or more of these requirements, the application will be declined without much consideration.
  • Very poor credit scoring: Credit scoring is not a very essential aspect in the approval process but in some cases, it plays a part. Many people at one time or another have had to contend with bad credit rating. However, there are those whose record is very bad. In such cases, the application for contract mobile phones is declined. This is especially the case when you try to make an application for a product that requires a high amount of installment for the monthly repayment.
  • Inability to repay the installments required: Acquisition of contract mobile phones require an individual to make repayment every month for a certain period to cover the cost of the phone. When an individual does not display the ability to repay the monthly installments of the desired phone, the application is declined. If the person wishes, they could reapply for a low cost phone whose repayment installments they can comfortably meet on a monthly basis.

Do not run for smart phones that have just been released into the market if you have a bad credit rating. This is because these phones are mainly made available to individuals that have a good or average credit rating. These kinds of phones are usually available in limited numbers when released thus reserved for good payers. Desiring the newly released phones is not a bad thing but at this moment, your previous indiscretions in paying back your debts start to bite you in the back thus blocking you from acquiring quality phones. If you have a bad credit rating, you could start acquiring low cost phones as you climb up clearing your bad credit history.