About Us

BARC Mobiles is a contract phone company that seeks to make a mark in the market. With plenty of quality services and knowledgeable staff, we have been able to grow our services over the years. We keep tailoring our services to meet the needs of a variety of our clients. With an ever changing market, we keep surfing the web to ensure that we have the latest mobile contracts for our clients. This has ensured that our clients stay up to date with the latest developments in the current mobile market.

BARC Mobiles is a company that cares deeply about the needs of clients rather than isolating them due to past financial indiscretions. We do not seek to dwell on clients past poor credit history but would rather like to help them improve their credit rating. Our focus is mainly on client satisfaction. This means that we first assess if the client is in a position to repay the required installments before advancing financial aid. Once this has been ascertained, our services are offered in a timely manner.

BARC Mobiles has a large team of staff that is always ready to offer services. This means that once your application has been submitted; there is someone to review the application. Any attached documents that are required are checked and the offer made available within no time.  We want to give you what many companies are not ready to offer. This is why BARC Mobiles has a long list of attractive offers for clients at all times. We look into our client’s individual needs before availing any of our offers. We want to make sure that you get what you want.

We do not want to guarantee everyone a mobile phone contract. However, we go out of our way to ensure all eligible candidates gain access to contracts of their choice. We also offer the best approval rates in the industry when compared to other contract phone service providers. We know how to identify credit ratings that are perfect for you thus allowing you to save money.