Welcome to BACR Mobiles

Looking for a mobile phone contract from a reputable company? Seeking a firm that will offer you quality services despite bad credit history? You have landed at the right page. BARC Mobiles is a mobile phone contract company seeking to offer you services regardless of your financial history. We cater to the needs of those with bad credits as well as those who have been denied credit phones before.

What is a contract mobile phone?

Contract mobile phones involve the process of using mobile phone services while paying for these later. It is quite the opposite of the pay as you go (PAYG) mobile services that requires a user to purchase credits before one starts to use the phone in order to enjoy the phone’s services. In the pay as you go terms, the services usually stop when the credits purchased have been exhausted. This however is not the case in contract mobile phones. In contract mobile phones, an applicant usually receives a mobile handset along with a service package. You are given a figure that should be paid to the provider as monthly installments for a particular period. The phone usually comes with call minutes as well as texts that can be used. While using the call time and texts offered, you are limited to using a particular network issued along with the phone. However, on completion of payment fro the phone, you are free to switch to a network of your choice.

Why should you apply for contract mobile phone services?

Contract mobile phone services are great when you have an ideal phone that you wish to buy but would not be able to pay for it in cash. You are allowed to have the phone in advance while paying monthly installments to cover the cost of the phone. Mega Mobile Phones which is a contract phone company has services that usually end up being cheaper since the client can get to enjoy plenty of free texts and calls if one communicates frequently. Companies seek to encourage many to own phones, thus you remain to have a cheaper option in landing your hands on great phone at a lower price.

How is an application for contract mobile phones made?

The application process is quite simple. BARC Mobiles applicants only spend a few minutes making an application and do not have to wait for a long time to get a response. We let our clients go through three simple steps to get the mobile phone contract that they desired. This includes filling an application form, selecting a deal of choice then submitting the application, and finally waiting for confirmation regarding the application’s approval.

Who can apply for a Mobile contract phone?

BARC Mobiles offers mobile phone contracts to a wide range of individuals. In an attempt to satisfy the needs of clients, we have very limited requirements that our applicants should meet. These include:

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Must be a UK resident able to provide proof of identity
  • Must have a steady source of income

The listed requirements are easy to meet thus opening our services to a large population. Unlike other mobile phone contract companies, BARC Mobiles does not focus on an applicant’s credit history. While others seek to dig deeper into your credit history while declining applications from those who have a poor credit rating, we overlook this. Our main focus is in your ability to repay the loan. We understand that you may have had a financial problem earlier but may have overcome it thus your ability to repay the installments comfortably.

Make an application today

BARC Mobiles is willing to listen to your needs. If you are in need of a contract phone but have a poor credit rating, talk to us today. We want to help and thus will look into your application to ensure that you are the right candidate for the contract phone. We have high rate of approvals even for those with poor credit ratings since we take time to ascertain that our clients are in a position to repay the installment required from them.